About  CSC Gramin Naukri portal

Hiring blue collar employees such as drivers, delivery staff, maids, cooks, peons, office boys, housekeepers, carpenters, plumbers etc. is one of the most daunting tasks. Employers belonging to the informal sector such as shops, salons, beauty parlours, food joints, clinics, freelancers, self-employed individuals, start-ups and other small and medium scale businesses have always felt a huge gap to connect with blue-collar job seekers. The traditional solutions Middlemen or Placement Agencies are costly, complex and proven to be ineffective.

CSC's Gramin Naukri Portal is a Digital platform to bridge the gap between job seekers and Job Providers. Now job search or hiring-related to the blue-collar sector become simple, smart and much cheaper than ever through 3.75 lakh CSCs across the country.

Our vision is to transform the employment process for the youth in Gramin Bharat.

All Common Service Centres would act as Gramin Naukri Kendras:

  • Gramin Naukri Kendras shall facilitate Job Seekers by registering them and posting their bio-data on Gramin Naukri Portal. VLEs will also support job seekers for matching relevant jobs and facilitate online interviews at CSCs.

  • Gramin Naukri Kendras shall facilitate Industries/MSMEs in getting skilled manpower through Gramin Naukri Portal.

Out of the 1.3 Billion Indians, more than 450 million are working in the informal economy and aspiring to move to formal jobs. A good percentage of these are migrants from different parts of the country, typically from the villages in North and North East, who migrate to tier-1 cities in search of a better life. They work as security guards, delivery staff, drivers, retail staff, carpenters, plumbers, housekeeping, factory workers, construction workers.

Our digital platform, aimed at the semi-formal and informal sector, helps to get them skilled and employed through CSCs. CSC's Naukri portal will be providing them with a better life in terms of better opportunities, better skills, better employers, and much more in their locality itself. The web-based online solution will facilitate job seekers to apply for jobs and appear for the interviews with the support of CSC VLEs.

Services  under CSC Job Portal

Recruitment Services

We provide recruitment services to agencies looking to hire candidates for available jobs.

Job Search

Candidates can view available jobs in different categories and apply for the jobs that suits them.

Resume Printing

Candidate can print his/her resume for future refernence.

Tracking System

Candidates can track their application, that is, they will know when you are shortlisted for an interview.

Cover Letter

Candidates can update his cover letter as per latest template for resume printing.

Latest Job News

Employers and candidates can have access to our blog section to discuss about the latest news.