Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have registered with CSC Gramin Naukri Portal, but when I am trying to login its throwing a Message that "Your account is not activated yet". What should I do now?

A.  Your account will be activated only when you provided information and your document information is matched by system. Please wait till this process happen. It may take a day. You may contact to support email if a delay happens in activation.

Q. I forgot my username & Password. How can I look up my Credentials?

A.  Click on 'forgot credentials' available at login page by providing registered mobile number and OTP, you can get your username and password on your mobile/email.

Q. What are different services available to me?

A. After sign up into this system, you can prepare your resume, cover letter and you save and share it employer and you can take print out of it. You can apply in available jobs matching your profile.

Q. I have deleted my account. How can I reactivate my account?

A. You can deactivate your account by just putting reason of leaving this portal. If you want come to again come into the system and use services. You can simply click on ‘for deactivated account’ and authenticate yourself by OTP and get activated.

Q. How do update and edit my profile?

A. Just login and update all your information and get ready for job market. Automatic match for suitable job will be shown to you.

Q. Do I have to pay if I have been offered by any company?

A.  No need to pay for sign up into system using services. But if you get placed the CSC may charge you some fee.

Q. If I am employer, How can I post a job?

A.  Just signup and give your requirement in given templates and system will provide you the pool of best match candidates. Admin will provide you the detailed data on confirmation.

Q. If I am employer, Can I post a job for free?

A.  Yes , you can post but CSC may charge fee on fetching candidates' authenticated data.

Q. How many candidates will turn up upon posting the job?

A. We will try to full filling your requirements.